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Welcome to Max Life Super Nutrition! We are physician owned. We carry a broad variety of very popular supplements.

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Get Active!
It's no secret that regular exercise is a cornerstone of good health. But did you know exercise offers benefits that extend well beyond physical fitness? Here are just a few reasons to get up and get moving today.

Poor REM Sleep May Be Linked to Higher Risk for Anxiety, Depression
REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is the phase when dreams are made, and a lack of good REM sleep has long been associated with chronic insomnia.
Vacation Weight Gain Can Lead to 'Creeping Obesity,' Study Finds
Along with souvenirs, there's a good chance you'll return from your vacation with some extra weight, new research suggests.
Max Life Super Nutrition Health Tips
Fiber is critically important
Fiber is critically important to keep the bowels moving and to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It seems that Flax has many benefits so it is a wonderful choice. Flax has the ability of disarming the negative effects of excess estrogen. It is also rich in lignin and essential fatty acids which sooth irritations and moisturizes the intestinal tract. The bulk provided helps give weight to stools so that colonic action is stimulated. Flax seeds also contain good levels of magnesium and vitamin E. Be sure that you grind your flaxseed just before using to prevent oxidation or rancidity. Refrigerate whole seeds as well as processed flaxseeds and oils for added benefit of stability. Go easy if you have not added flax to your diet previously, a little bit with plenty of water is a great way to start – or if you prefer just add some to your yogurt or your morning cereal. Flax goes well with berries mixed in a shake…be sure you chew the seeds completely before swallowing. ... more

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