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Welcome to Max Life Super Nutrition! We are physician owned. We carry a broad variety of very popular supplements.

Our mission is to provide a lifetime committment to healing and natural beauty from the inside out!  Visit our site and truly get the Max out of Life!

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Healing Holiday Spices
Spices add warmth and flavor to your favorite holiday foods -- and they can also help relieve some of the unpleasant side effects from overindulging in those very foods. Traditional remedies have used herbs and spices to aid digestion, ease discomfort, and promote healthy digestion throughout history. Here are a few of our favorites.

Short Bursts of Intense Exercise Might Benefit Type 2 Diabetics
Short sessions of high-intensity exercise may provide more health benefits for people with type 2 diabetes than longer bouts of less intense activity, a new Canadian study suggests.
Heavy Drinking May Strain the Heart
Heavy drinking may dramatically increase a person's risk of heart failure, even if they're young and healthy, a new study suggests.
Max Life Super Nutrition Health Tips
Poisonous popcorn?
Make fresh popcorn the old fashioned way – with a pot, stove, kernels, a little oil and a lot of shaking. Microwaveable popcorn bags are coated with suspected cancer-causing perfluorinated chemicals. Stove-popping is just one way to avoid contact with the countless chemicals we’re exposed to daily.

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